Forced subtitles not as default and not if it's current audio

I saw multiples topics on forced subtitles but I would like to come back on it.
Today I have 2 issues with Forced subtiles and I guess it’s difficult to get if you are not used to look movies on another language or English is your primary language.

1°/If I see a movie on my own language and I don’t have disabilities, I don’t need the forced subtitles at all. e.g. looking a French movie in french I don’t need french forced subtitles…

2°/If I’m looking a movie on another language than one I’m fluent one, I need the full subtitles, not the forced one who are there only if some is speaking another language in the movie.
e.g. I’m looking a Japanese movie, I need the full subtiles ( and Infuse ALWAYS take the forced one when they exist)

Both issues are a pain for a lot of us … I guess and for me and my family, definitely

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