Forced Subtitle on mp4


I’m using mp4box for adding forced subtitles on a DolbyVison single layer mp4 done with DVDFab.
I’m using this command:
mp4box.exe -add “MovieDV.mp4” -add “ forced” -new “MovieDVWithST.mp4”

txtflags=0xC0000000 is the flag for forced subtitles for mp4 and Mediainfo shows the result file correctly as “forced”.

The problem is that Infuse doesn’t play it as forced, you have to select it.

Thank you for your help.




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Unfortunately, Infuse does not currently support the forced flag for embedded subtitles, but this is something we have on our radar to investigate further.

Why doesn’t it show forced subtitles automatically in any .mp4 video? I have them configured correctly, marked as forced subtitles with Subbler and they work correctly in QuickTime.

I use Infuse in Apple TV and iPad devices.

After a little digging it appears that currently Infuse doesn’t support embedded forced subtitles on mp4 files but I moved your post to a suggestion thread for that feature.

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Good news, in 2019 Firecore was thinking of developing this capacity. It’s good that they haven’t forgotten it. Cheer up!

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And take a look at the number of likes supporting this suggestion on the first post. :man_shrugging:

I‘m waiting also for this feature for years :cry: