Forced subs question

Is it possible to have forced subs within a larger subtitle stream (ie. That also contains non forced subs) inside an mkv file and still have infuse show only the forced subs if infuse is set to “forced only”?

I don’t think this is possible because I think I need to tag the forced subs stream as “forced” in the mkv header for the infuse forced subs only setting to work?

Often if there are forced subs on a blu ray they are part of an overall subtitle stream (ie. One that contains both forced and unforced)

Currently I have makemkv rip them out as a separate forced stream and then mark the stream as forced within the mkv header but would be nice if I didn’t have to do that and when “forced only” is set that infuse finds the relevant subs within the correct language subtitle stream and only displays them. Basically that is what my UHD blu ray player does when I play the disc (I don’t have to choose a forced stream and there often isn’t a separate forced stream).

In summary does there need to be a separate forced subs subtitle stream for “forced only” to work properly if I only want to see forced subs?