Forced sub behaviour?

So, I know there have been many old discussions about subtitles and forced subs and I thought infuse now worked with mkv embedded subs and the forced flag however it seems that it doesn’t quite behave as I would expect…

I have a movie where I have an embedded forced stream in Japanese, my subs are set to “forced only” and my subtitle language is set to “English” so I would presume that it would not show the forced Japanese subs and would just show me no subs because there are no forced subs in English. There are 2 English streams but neither of them are forced.

This isn’t what happens it shows me the Japanese forced subs despite my subtitle language being set to English. I also tested setting subtitle language to auto. I also haven’t manually touched the sub selection during playback so there is no subtitle memory going on.

Does anyone know the logic/steps infuse goes through to decide which subtitles to show? Really I think you should have a default language of the “player” (for me English) and then if the language of the forced subs matches the language of the player then display them. If I told infuse “I am Japanese” then I would expect it to select the Japanese forced subs. That is sort of what I thought the subtitle language selection was doing but it seems not.

Does infuse just display the first forced track it comes to within a file if “forced only” is switched on? I have had a track before with 2 forced tracks and the English was the first forced track and it selected that one. I had thought/presumed it selected that forced track because I had my language set to English but perhaps it was just picking the first stream it gets to.

I can remove the forced flag from the Japanese subs and just leave the stream labeled as forced so I know what it is but was just trying to setup all the metadata correctly/completely while I was creating the file and this behaviour seemed odd to me.

Anyone else know what exactly infuse does?

Ok, so apparently infuse will not only look for the forced flag but will also look for a stream named “Forced” so even if I remove the forced flag and just call the stream forced I can’t stop it from being incorrectly selected….if I remove the name it doesn’t select it.

I guess I should set it the way that is correct in the file for now and then rely on the subtitle memory feature (which I don’t really like🤣) by manually selecting None.

Hi @james are there any plans to improve the subtitle handling so that it pays attention to the language settings for forced subs? I don’t think it’s correct to just load any forced subs from a file regardless of language when there is a language setting for subtitles in the infuse settings. It isn’t uncommon to have multiple subtitle languages and multiple forced sub streams in an mkv file and so it would make sense that the logic should use the subtitle language settings in the infuse config. Or is this a bug? Is the subtitle language config only intended to be used when you set subtitles to “on” and ignored for “forced only”?