Forced Only subtitles selects another language

I’ve found an issue with the auto selection of forced subtitles when using the Forced Only option, where Infuse will select another language if forced subtitles aren’t available in English.

For example, my Dark Knight Rises rip has no forced English subtitles, but does in other languages. In this scenario, instead of ignoring the other subtitles, it selects French forced subtitles instead of none (I assume because they’re first in the list).

Even if I select English subtitles in the app’s settings, it still selects French.

Is believe that is the expected behavior. If you want it to play forced subtitles and one exists, it will play it, regardless of the language. If you don’t want those played then turn off the setting or modify the files to not be forced.

It doesn’t seem correct to me.

I wouldn’t expect my Blu-ray player to force subtitles in another language. It would simply do nothing in this scenario.

Since Infuse is designed to organize and play user-provided content, it will generally assume that if subtitles are present they are probably there for a reason.

With this in mind, the subtitle settings in Infuse can be used to set a preference order for certain languages, but it will err on the side of enabling subtitles as opposed to ignoring them.

In your case, if your Dark Knight video has forced French subtitles and you have Forced Subtitles enabled, then Infuse would enable that track by default. It can always be disabled during playback if you so choose. You may also consider disabling subtitles by default, and then enabling them on a file-by-file basis, depending on how many videos like this you have.