Force reload of folder Cover Art

Hi. I have an issue with the Folder Cover Art in Media Player. I added a folder.jpg file to every folder containing Movie or tv Show Files . Now when I change a jpg-file, there is no automatic Update to the new file. I still See the Old Folder artwork in Grid view, even if the old jpg has been deleted in the meantime. When i chose slidshow, the correct jpg file is shown.

It seems that ATV Flash caches these Folder Images and does not load them from the jpg file each time. How can i Force a complete reload to Update the Folder artwork?

Thanks for your help.


The only way I know how is to remove all metadata. But that really sucks.

It would make a lot of sense if the menu that comes up when you hold down the OK buttons when positioned on a folder had an option to clear cached metadata for that folder (and sub-folders).

to “reload” the cover delete the cached covers. SSH to /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/Media/.thumbnails and delete all images in there

I do not want to reload ALL cached covers - just selected ones.

Ok thanks for the advice. I just did this and it works. Not very convenient though, i hope there will be a better solution in future.

Does anyone know if there’s a way to force reload the folder cover art without having to SSH every time? It’s a huge inconvenience to have to SSH and change files around every time i drop a new folder.jpg somewhere.

I have noticed that if I put a new folder.jpg file inside a folder it does not show up at that point. However if I go into the folder and come out again it starts showing up.