Force Changing Poster manually please

In some cases, videos downloaded there and there, have an encoded poster that Infuse cannot change; it happens on appleTV and on the Mac, even if i manualy set the metadata, the poster is not changing, is there a way to FORCE the poster to this file, even if we upload it ourselves ???
All is fine and infuse is finding/scrapping correctly but ONLY the POSTER is not correct…

same here

If you name the poster file the same as the movie and probably turn off embedded metadata that might do it. Check out this link

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Looks like you have “embedded metadata” turned on in the Infuse settings? If so turn it off.

That’s where the posters are coming from.

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Already did this, tried and even disabled or enabled, clean everything, even with Mkvtoolnix I tried to force the poster inside the Mkv…still nothing in infuse…:weary: I don’t know if there is a way to force the poster inside the infuse app…that’s weird

Did you do a refresh after you turned off the embedded metadata?

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I can guarantee that it’s being caused by “Embedded Metadata” being on. After you turn it off and do an edit metadata then select the correct choice you’ll get the right poster.

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Disabled…refresh….choose right metadata online and….still no poster

Second photo

Do you have any image files located near these files/folders?

You can also use the Clear All Metadata options in Settings to remove any cached artwork and start fresh.

The movies are in the same folders. Just one folder with all movies single files. Nothing inside this folder, no picture, no poster whatsoever. All cleared and re-scrap again…done. Same thing

Any chance you’d be able to upload one of these problematic files for us to take a look at?