For Plex library Infuse should support Plex’s folder view

I have a plex library where the library type is set to Other Videos. Inside of it are 8 folders. When I view this library with Infuse, it shows me a huge number of thumbnails spattered all over instead of the 8 folders I have. Enable/Disabling List View doesn’t change anything. Viewing this library with plex online or the plex client, the 8 folders are shown.


Unfortunately, Infuse does not support Plex’s folder view at this time. Sorry.

Same issue here.
Would be very usefull


Also have this issue. It’s a dealbreaker for using Infuse for me since I need to see the folder structure for all my libraries. Any chance this gets implemented in the near future?

Has this been implemented yet?

I don’t think so but I moved this thread to the suggestions forum.

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I want this!