I looked thru the metadata 101 section but i am still having trouble with infuse putting cover art on folders. I am getting folders with no image and the title of the folder followed by a (?) sign.

I have a TV Show Favorite with subfolders with names of TV shows (“Fargo”). Within these subfolders i have folders with “Season 1”. Only when i go into a TV show folder does the metadata show up.

Any help would be great!


I had the same issue. I took all the video files out of the subfolders and put them in the root. Works but not ideal.

Yes, it works if you put them in that way. However, it does not group seasons of a show together. You will have to separate icons for different seasons for a show.

I have the same problem, also Infuse IOS version.
I have Movies and TV Shows inside subfolders. Within Movies subfolders I have two archives, mkv and srt. And inside TV Shows folders I have seasons folders.
Infuse for Apple TV 2 working properly.