Folders won't open up on home screen

So, infuse opens just fine, but when I go to open movies, TV shows, or something I want to continue watching it says “an error has occurred”. This didn’t start until Saturday evening, it is now monday morning. I even went and checked to make sure server was connected with the right log in info in the shares sections. Suggestions?

When you launch Infuse go directly to the Settings > Library and watch the status messages on the left side below the movie/TV show/other numbers.

If it says Fetching or syncing wait till it’s done. What message is is showing?

it appears to be done fetching, but the folders still won’t open up. same thing on my phone.

What is the message displayed?

just shows the number of movies, tv shows, nothing else. oh, it does say last updated, and then gives a time of day. seems to be 10 this morning.

On the home screen if you go to “Library” > “Movies” > “All Movies” do you see your movies then? If so, can you play any of them?

I have tried going to that folder section, and all the other ones, just says an error has occurred. Attempting to restart my network, and Apple TV to see if that fixes the issue.

That was the next suggestion :wink:

There is a difference at times on the home screen if you try to open a favorite or if you drill down through the Library. That’s why I was asking to go down through the Library structure.

It works now, it appears there was a update installing on my router


Glad you figured it out! :+1:

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