Folders showing JPG for non tv shows

All of my tv shows display their JPG according to how they are suppose to.
I have other folders say James Bond with 22 movies inside the meta .jpg all labeled and showing correctly I would just like the folder display one jpg from the 22 movies or one I designate.
I have tried labeling it folder.jpg doesn’t work , also tried the name of the folder .jpg . Does not work .

I would just like to know what the naming process is to allow non tv show folders to have a .jpg other than labeling it a favorite .

I’m curious…

Are you using folder.jpg or folder.jpeg?

Folder.jpg or name of folder .jpg same result show no JPEG on the folder only tv shows come correctly.

Are you streaming via SMB?

How large are these images? 1000 x 1500 is the recommended size for folder artwork.

SMB yes from my wdtvlive
And the jpg and xml file are downloaded already with the tool wdtvhubgen .
185x278 the file sizes range but not as much as the recommend size you have provided.
These same jpg work and look great just need to know how to force infuse to view and use them with my folders only.

Hmm, that size should still work.

Any chance you can upload one of the images…just to see if there’s something funky going on?

Are you saying I have to have the folder name followed by Jpeg? in the folder title? Or are you referring to something else?

I don’t see the size being an issue others are reporting the same issue . What is the steps involved downloading jpg for a folder of my desire? Is there an option I’m not seeing or is this option only a beta thing at this point.

Same issue here, my folder artwork in the previous version worked just fine, now some of them disappear and no longer show my artwork.
I use jpg files, with the resolution mentioned


James can you upload a dummy-folder on dropbox of a fictional series, to try out the covers.

pls thx

folder.jpg for any of my non tv show folders seems to work , with a few missing . ( I ended up having a few misspelled and some with meta thumb vs jpg formats was my issue thanks for all the quick help and responses.) Is there a way to force a new meta search other than clearing all meta data ? Seems I had to wait a few days after resetting and closing infuse 4.0.3 a few times before one jpg showed up in my James Bond Folder.
Currently only the fast and furious and the chronicles of narnia are the only missing folder covers that are named proper but not showing .

Okay, let me break this down best I can. I am totally blind, but have a family. I would like to get the art work to show on the main folder of TV shows, and folders of movies that have more than movies in it’s collection. I am the primary computer geek in the house, so trying to figure out the best way to make this happen. I have grabbed Jpeg files for some TV shows, and placed them in the folder. This method didn’t work. I put the TV shows folder in a different folder, that didn’t work. So can someone who has gotten this to work on a consistent basis tell me step by step how to make the art work show up on the main TV show folder. Thanks.

I use filebot for all naming and subtitles movies and tv shows
Second I used wdtvhubgen for automatically download of Jpg and xml for both movies and tv shows
As long as the main folder has a file name “folder.jpg” it will show pic per folder or tv Etc. If you use the program’s I listed this will be done automatically .

Okay, I have tried filbert but it wasn’t accessible with my screen reader, no big deal. But where do I get WDTVGen, and how do I get it to download the artwork for me automatically? You also said something about the folder name for TV shows saying Jpeg, should I name this as an extension, or just have it follow the name of the TV show? If you need to send me a private message so it’s not clogging up this thread, then that is fine also. Thanks for your patients. for renaming automatic subtitle detection and other useful stuff more a massive TV movie collection
Wdtvhubgen can be found here for automatic jpg and xml downloading

If you would like you can send me a pm . I am a new user for infuse pro Apple TV 4 . But very familiar in testing iPad iPhones and other devices on my SMB and server setup at the house.

Attached are a few screenshots to clarify how manual cover art can be used.

For single movie folders, Infuse will recognize a number names. You can use: ‘folder.jpg’, ‘poster.jpg’, ‘cover.jpg’ or ‘Inception.jpg’.

However, say for example, you have a folder named ‘Action’ with a number of movies inside of it, you will want to use ‘folder.jpg’.

resolved by renaming and fixing missing jpg files . Thank you for all your hard work on this great little app.