Folders or Plan structure - Which scanning is faster?


I am doubting between have all my movies into a specific folder (including movie file, nfo & jpg files), or having a separate directory for each movie.

I would like to know if there any specific structure that is faster than the other.

Right now, my movie collection is huge and I find quite slow navigate between folders (I have specific folders for classics, animated, teenagers, & normal movies).

Thanks in advanced.

PD: To sum up, I would like to know, considering I don’t use anything but Infuse, what would be the “perfect” (if any) structure to organize our movies & tv shows.

You may try using Infuse’s library, as this will usually be the fastest way to browse…especially with large libraries.

When using the library, Infuse will be able to sort through your videos no matter how you have them organized.

Thanks for your response, but considering I have movies classified in folders for specific genres (animated, teenagers, Infantil, classics, rest of the movies), there are sometimes I prefer to navigate through directories instead of using the library.

Regarding my question, an excluding library browing, would it be faster to have a plain structure (all movies into the same folder) or having each movie into their own folder?

Thanks in advanced.

I don’t think you’ll see much difference by placing videos into their own folders, as Infuse will ‘flatten’ single-movie folders and display them as playable items anyways.

We are planning to add an option to disable the folder flattening in an upcoming version, as we’ve found some people prefer to keep their original folder structures intact.