Folders on NAS

Hi there,

Infuse 5 pro purchased. AppleTV 4K. Have a problem. Some folders from NAS (Sinology), containing a serial, do not show up in the picture wall view, only as separate movies. Not all folders, but just some. Those folders do not have any technical differences, everything is the same, but everything is OK with most of them, and some do not show artwork and are not recognized as folders, just as group of movies without folder. At the same time if to use the list view - everything looks as it should, all folders are on their place, with proper artwork etc. Please advice.

That was helpful.


I’m having a bit of trouble tracking what you said is your problem but if you could say what solved it that may help others who experience the problem.

Also, Since Version 5 is no longer being developed and probably won’t see any more updates you may want to consider upgrading to the V6 subscription and that will offer all future updates including major ones like V7 and up as long as you keep the subscription active.