Folders not in alphabetical order

I have atvFlash and use Media app to connect to my NAS. On my NAS I have all my folders in order like this, A to C, D to F, G to H etc. However on the Media App they show not in order, so I get D to F first and lower down is A to C.


Is this a bug? some thing I can do?

Also I also have trash folders on the NAS. Anyway to hide these as they are annoying to see in the list and not needed.



I had the trash folder issue on my NAS. I simply delete them on the NAS as I didnt need them. Issue resolved for me.

Ao once you deleted the trash the folders went back to the correct alphabetical order?


Ok I’ll try that…

No, sorry, just the unwanted trash folders in view through the media player! I have had a simular problem with your lettering though with another piece of software, to get around that, I put a space at the front of you equivalnt to a to c.

Worth a try!