Folders in share view

Hi, is there finally a solution to the problem, that movies in folders, that have another folder inside, like sample or subs, will be shown as folders and not with the movie cover, when you are on source view?
It’s just destroying the esthetic.
Maybe there is a solution meanwhile, that I didn’t notice.

I’m not quite sure I’ve seen the problem you’re talking about but two possible solutions, first set those folders that have the extras to “local” metadata and a second possibility, maybe create a folder pic that says something like “Extras”, place it in the extras folder with the name “folder.jpg”?

Thx for your reply. But sorry to say, that I don’t understand.
Don’t know, where to change folders to local metadata.
You have to consider, that yo7 can’t switch the language in Infuse. This is important , to find things. My Infuse is set to German language.
Also, I don’t want to work on single folders. I can erase those internal folders, and the effect would go away. But I like to avoid this.
In Zidoo hometheater all movies are displayed as covers, no matter what is inside the movie folder.
My system is based on a Nas connected to an atv.
Each drive in the Nas is configured as a favourite. I hink , in English they are called : shares.
Each movie has its own folder.
When there is another folder in this folder, like subs or sample, infuse will present this movie as a folder. These folders are displayed first, then come the movies that are displayed as covers, because there are no further folders in the folder of the movie.
I hope that explains, what I mean.
I don’t want to post screenshots here.
This is how it looks in the Zidoo.
Scroll a little bit down, please.
This is how the content of one drive/favourite is displayed in hometheater.
In infuse the first rows are filled with folders, and then come the covers.

Many thanks for your help.

But the point of using the folders view is to be able to navigate all folders. You can move the subtitles to the same folder as the movie. Samples … maybe you can move those somewhere else since you have the actual movie to view?

If you use the library, you won’t see any pesky folders.

Everyone has his own style of working. I prefer mine.
I prefer working in the shares, not so much in the library. In Hometheater 4 on Zidoo I prefer the library.
Anyway, I am only asking if the folders can be removed. so I get the view that I have in HT4.
This can be a button, so you can choose, with or without folders.
Thx anyway :slight_smile:

But how can users browse by folder if the folders are hidden? The whole point of allowing users to browse by folders is so they can access content that isn’t wanted in the library.

Infuse will ignore the following folders when determining whether or not to display a folder as a playable item.

  • subtitles
  • subs
  • extrafanart
  • extrathumbs

If your folders contain other folder names, then Infuse will treat the item as a folder instead of a playable item.

One way to work around this would be to browse using the Library, as this will scan files and display then in the relevant places (with artwork) regardless of how they are organized or what folders are stored near them.


Hi, I know that, and I did remove other folders before.
I’m just wondering, whether it could behave like that it does not show folders, as an option.
I am just asking.
If you don’t realise it, you don’t realise it.
I always said, infuse is the best. Meanwhile I moved to a different device.
But as long as I am paying for infuse, I think I am allowed to ask.

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