Folders First


Noob here (and a former windows user).


I´m using the Media Player in atv2 Flash (Black) and I´m sharing files and folders from my iMac using AFP.

When I enter a folder (in the Media Player) that have both folders and files, everything is sorted by name, including folders.

Is there a way to get the folders first and then the files, you know… like in windows :wink:

I know finder sorts the content like this by default (and that I can change this in finder), but I don’t use finder, I use PathFinder.

Is there a setting or some kind of hack i can do to make this happen?

In the current version it will depend on the view type you’re using.

In List View, folders and files will be mixed together.

In Grid View, folders will appear first, then files.

Thank you.

Do you know if there will be the same sorting in list view as in grid view somewhere down the line?

As a hack you could try putting a space at the beginning of the folder names you want to move up the list view. That will work in the Finder, but haven’t tried it with the Apple TV.

Is it possible to do the reverse in grid view? I’d like to have everything just sorted alphabetically, so that longer franchises (James Bond or Harry Potter, for example) can have their own folders, but appear alphabetically within the flow of the rest of my media.