Folders above tv shows

I want to ask you to add a setting that would allow me to display folders above the tv shows.

So, i have folders that have subfolders with season names like season 1, season 2, etc. and they already have the series themselves. Such folders are displayed as tv shows with title, description and picture.

And near this folders with tv shows there are folders which contain different tv shows of the same subject, for example, Star Trek or StarGate. As a result, if i select sorting by Name, then folders with sub-tvshows are displayed somewhere in the middle of the list of tv shows.

The interface on my devices is not in English, so sorting by title creates confusion in the list of tv shows. Names with numbers at the beginning are above the folders in English, but in which there are sub-tvshows, and below is a list of series names, then another folder with a sub-series may appear and again the names of the series in my language. The end result is chaos. This problem is on all devices, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV.

A very good solution is in the Macos Finder. Show folders above files (in our case files are tv shows).

And yet, I store all the videos on a Windows computer and when I connect via smb, I see all the hidden folders that I would not like to see, can this be disabled somehow?

What sort of hidden folders?

I use a windows PC to organize, but my content lives on a Synology NAS (which I presume runs on a customized derivative of Linux).

What I do is have one shared folder on my server named “Movies and TV”. That folder has a “Movies” folder, a “TV” folder, a “Media Not Infused” folder for video content I don’t want Infuse indexing, and a folder for software I use while managing the collection on my laptop. I only add the “Movies” and “TV” folders to Infuse when setting up my shares and these become my favorites on the home screen, and contain everything that makes up my Infuse library.

Infuse doesn’t care how many deep the folders go below the favorites. My “TV” folder has about 5 sub-folders into which my 370 TV series are broken out into (I keep 4K series in their own folder, for example). My 3,463 movies are similarly broken out into about 10 subfolders under the “Movies” folder.

Occasionally, while troubleshooting, I’ll add those 15 subfolders (or some subset of them) to the library as well. That way I can uncheck (on the library settings page) the main “Movies” and “TV” folders so that their entire contents drop out of my library, apart from the contents of any specific subfolders that I chose to keep checked, which stay in it. If a folder isn’t checked on the library page, nothing in it will be indexed and added to the library, including anything in any deeper levels of folders below that one.

Say I uncheck both my “Movies” and “TV” folder: than nothing will show up on Infuse’s home page. But favorited folders still remain on the favorites bar (unless you previously purposefully hid them from it). So I can still browse my collection by browsing the folders where my movies are stored, access any title I want, and start playing it.

If you browse your collection via the folders menu, all of your sub-folders should be at the top.

If I clicked on my “TV” folder, for example, I see the five folders holding my series folders. If I want to watch a show in 4K, I’ll dive into the folder named “1. (4K)”. In that folder, there’s currently 32 more, one for each 4K TV series in my collection. In each of those, the folder and fanart.jpgs, a pair of text files completely ignored by Infuse but helpful to me when managing the collection — one saying “Series: Ended (or) Cancelled (or) Renewed for S4” and the other “Status: Currently Streaming S3 (or) Complete (or) Need to upgrade bitrate on S2”. Finally there are the Season 0/1/2/3/etc. folders with the actual video files, subtitles, thumbnail images, and each with a season poster folder.jpg.

If you’ve got anything being indexed (in “Hidden folders”) that shouldn’t be, then just move that to a folder that either isn’t added as a shared folder to Infuse, or one that isn’t check marked on the library settings page (or a sub-folder of the latter).