Folder view in Infuse Pro 5

On Infuse Pro 4, I could view my files by folder. (I’m a homeschooler with things organized by subject and/or publisher, so folders and subfolders like “Math”>“Publisher Name”>“Grade Level” are VERY helpful.)

I can’t figure out how to get that view on Infuse Pro 5.

In the inFuse settings you can navigate to a share (or a folder within a share) and then do a long-press on the remote to give you a menu that allows that location to be added as a favorite on the inFuse main screen.

I’m confused by “long press on the remote”. I’m on an iPad.

The only options I have for favorites are “Movies” and “TV Shows”, but within each of those categories, I have many folders on my Synology that showed up on Infuse 4. Now I can’t seem to get my preferred folders view.

It sounds like you’re viewing in library mode. If you turn your device vertical you should see a row of icons across the bottom. Select the folder icon and see if that is what you’re looking for. You’ll also be able to select from either list view or icon view using the top of the screen options. To get back to the library choose the far left icon on the bottom.

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