Folder Thumbnails

There are no folder thumbnails, unless an image is created called foldername.jpg. This will be quote tedious as I have many, many folders of images. Its going to take a looong time. 

Cant aTV just show me a random or first image in the folder, which the foldername.jpg will then overwrite?

Also, needs to do it recursively so a parent parent folder has an image. 

This is the same for Videos. 

Also I noticed another annoyance… 

Lets say I have the following hierarchy:


Kids Movies
Kids TV

  • Postman Pat
  • Peppa Pig

If I put an image “Kids movies.jpg” in the Kids Movies folder, this works, the thumbnail is shown, and when viewing videos I do NOT see the image in the list, which is what I expect. 

BUT if I put an image called “Kids TV.jpg” in the Kids TV folder, the thumbnail works OK, but I CAN see the image in the list… I assume this is because it containes more sub-folders rather than video files?? This is annoying because I do not want to see the image for the thumbnail in the list, I only want to see the sub-folders. 

So this is another annoying issue relating to folder thumbnails. 

One more issue…

I have a lot of photo albums… nearly all of them are not showing the thumbnail. Instead it shows the folder with Movie icon. If I view the properties, the folder/file type Movies is chosen, BUT there is no option for Images. If I change this to None, it still shows the Movies icon and does not show a thumbnail. So nearly all my folders do not show thumbnails and show the movie folder icon. 

I just wondered if this is something that will be introduced at some point? It makes no sense to me to show a blank folder that contains images, when you could just show an image from that folder. Be great if we can choose one. Thanks

Have you tried adding a folder.jpg file inside the folder to use it as the thumbnail image for that folder?

I have hundreds of photo albums, so no way.