Folder tags or ignorre part of folder name

Hi everyone,
Got an annoying problem.
I have a huge collection of Blu-ray film folders that I had to number from 1 and up.


0001 The Last American
0002 The Very Last American
0003 The New American

I would love to rename them removing the number and just use tags for the folders but that seems to be impossible. If that was possible, infuse could index the movies automatically.

Another solution could be if infuse ignorred part of a foldername if in brackets or similar.


(0001) The Last American
(0002) The Very Last American
(0003) The New American


[0001] The Last American
[0002] The Very Last American
[0003] The New American

Does anyone know if any of above is possible? Other suggestions on how to fix my problem? I do not want a third part program to handle it. I want infuse to be able to index my movies but still be able to sort them by number.

Thanks in advance!

Are you browsing these videos via folders, or are you using the Library?

One nice thing about the Library is it will look for actual videos, and disregard where a video may be located. This means you should be able to get everything organized without having to change your folder structure.

Thanks for the quick reply. But that is exactly it, I browse folders and would like to keep it that way. So no tricks to do this?

Not at this time. Sorry. :frowning: