Folder structures problem?

I’ve recently moved to Infuse 6 on my Apple TV. I keep everything on my drives TV wise using the following structures:
TV Show----- Season 1
----- Season 2

Infuse was quite happily taking all those files and creating it’s own Season grouping when I navigated to a season folder but now this seems to have stopped so I now just have the files listed under the season folder

Any reason why this would have happened and how do I get it Infuse back to reading all the files and then creating its own season folder that i can access?

If you browse using the library Infuse will display all TV shows with their appropriate seasons and episodes as long as you have followed the recommended file naming convictions.

If there’s only one file in a folder Infuse will flatten it so it won’t show a folder until there are at least two episodes.

I don’t appear to be using the library.
My folders weren’t being flattened, Infuse was putting them into seasons and all ws good, but now that has stopped and Infuse appears to be flattening everything which is frustrating (all folder have many files)

As far as I know the only time that Infuse will group files into season when their not grouped in the file structure is when you use the library. If you have multiple seasons of episodes in one folder infuse won’t separate them into seasons when you are browsing a share. Give the library a shot and see if that isn’t what you want. It’s also a lot faster when you use the library to browse shows and you can create favorites on the home screen from your preferred library sorts.

I seem to be having Library issues
I’ve setup some shares but my library has nothing in it and no devices/shares appear on the screen below Show Library and Scan Changes
Am I missing a step somewhere in my setup?

I think you have this problem:

Your files are right now probably shown in “Others”

I don’t think it’s that (but could be wrong)

My library shows:
Movies: 0
TV Shows: 0
Other: 0

can you see/ reach your share ? you have a nas or cloud share?

It’s a NAS. On the library screen this is all I see (e9e72356-245e-46d3-8a23-c23c49c99d16.jpeg)
Shares can be seen and accessed on the main screen (f1f6cb85-bbed-4c00-8e14-41b18ca4abff.jpeg)

It doesn’t look like you shared any folder. you have to go network shares, there you can add your (network) shares.

ps.I have installed a german version and don’t know the exact english names of the menu items

OK so I have added the NAS again (it shows up in two ways on the search) and now I am getting all the library stuff populating

It hasn’t resolved my initial issue but at least I have the other functionality working now

Thanks for the help

The library won’t work with DLNA shares which is probably what you added first. SMB or NFS or one of the other options will work fine.

Keep in mind with the current problems with thetvdb metadata source your TV shows will not get all the data to complete the info but they will once the issue is corrected with thetvdb. I know that Firecore is working on it and will get it resolved as soon as possible.