Folder sorting question

Errrr James - how in the name of God have you managed to completely break our naming Hierarchy which we have been using for years. EG: You are now seemingly completely unable to put your TV folders in the order you want. If you wanted a specific folder to appear at the START you could put a space in front of the name etc. But WORSE still - before this update when order was fixed at “release date” all you movies would appear according to latest releases first … BUT our ROOT FOLDER named TV SERIES (which contained all or TV series in individual folders) would appear sorted by the NAME of the Child Folder - NOW they are all over the place - in fact the list of separate TV Folders seems to start Alphabetically for a few of them … and then - it starts again after them … its absolutely ridiculous and illogical. My child folder inside the Root Folder named TV Series Named " Latest TV" with a SPACE in front of it - now appears 6 or 7 lines down instead of being the FIRST folder in the list. Explanation and FIX please ?

Could this maybe work for you?

Share / Movies / Contact (1997) / Contact 1997.mkv
Share / TV / Latest TV / Severance / Season 1 / Severance S01E01.mkv
Share / TV / Latest TV / Stranger Things / Season 4 / Stranger Things SO4E01.mkv
Share / TV / Older TV / Breaking Bad / Season 1 / Breaking Bad S01E01.mkv
Share / TV / Older TV / Watchmen / Season 1 / Watchmen S01E01.mkv

Go to your share, go to TV, first item is Latest.

Understood - The historic way was that you could have ALL current tv progs under the NAS in a folder called TV and then one folder called LATEST TV do viewing the TV showed all TV series for last 2 years for example but then the first folder was latest TV series. I can of course do what you say which will entail by just having 2 folders in there for my breakdown each of my Action, Comedy, Drama & Sci-Fi folders but will entail a 24 hour re-initialise of database to cover my 60,000 odd TV episodes. Which I will have to do 4 times separately on my ATV’s - HOWEVER - that will not solve the issue of the naming of all TV prog folders which are neither now in alphabetical OR date order. As usual EVERY so called Beta Tester didn’t see the most basic thing had been broken - AGAIN. all the REALLY important things that are important to the smooth running of infuse have yet again been ignored in favour of half a dozen 14 year olds complaint that they can’t getvtheir Marvel MCU into a collection !!! And that was only because none of them know how to use folders properly. A NAS stored database, proper ratings and more have been ignored for several years now …… GETTING SOOO bored with every important update breaking something important while they all pat themselves on their backs - NOT GOOD AT ALL ! With of 40TB of Media on my system cock-ups like this are really a big issue. Seems to me that Mac and iOS is becoming more important to them than ATV which is what this App is/was renowned for - Sad.

Infuse sorts items by filenames and file modified dates. It doesn’t give a thought to what your folder names are.

Sounds like your are navigating Infuse through folder view.

Have you ever used the Library to view your content? You can view every video on your share through the library; and sort it by title (per the metadata), filename, movie/series release date, or file-modified date.

Just throw everything in Share/TV/(All Series Folders Here) and forget it. If you want to see what’s new, check out the “Recently Added” tabs. The combined one will show your 30 newest movies and most recently updated TV series; and you can also have one just for movies and another just for TV. And with the latest 7.4 update, its no longer just the 30 latest episodes — its the thirty latest SERIES that have been updated … which might include hundreds of new episodes.

If you want to browse your shows by genre, use the genre filters. That’s why they’re there! Let Infuse do its thing. No need to organize you content into genre folders or dated folders when the app will do that for you in the library automagically.

I’m with you there. I too wish Firecore will hurry up and get around to letting us back up our database locally (on our network drives) and not have to depend on iCloud to sync.

A few weeks ago I finally gave in and subscribed to “paid” iCloud (I’m on a four-month free trial) and just got taught how to make it all work. It’s actually pretty good. Not a good as having a unified database location on my own hardware … but good. Nice to have everything easily syncing between both my Apple TVs.

Infuse sorts items by filenames and file modified dates. It doesn’t give a thought to what your folder names are.

Incorrect - TV folders - (create a master folder for each tv series and then put a folder jpg in there along with folders for each season) Infuse has slsways sorted FOLDER names alphabetically - now if doesn’t. I’ve been using it successfully (even my 5 year old grandson can find what he wants) for some TEN years and it’s by far the EASIEST way of sorting my library of 5,000 movies and 60,000+ TV Episodes - I’ve been using infuse for 10 years ! Now it’s broken. Your way is FAR to complexe and IMPOSSIBLE to manage when I have a total of NINE separate ATV’s and you have to do it on each one - whereas my folder view is uniform and every change picked up auto on every ATV. The point you are missing here is that a BASIC FUNCTION has yet again been broken by crass stupidity.

Another „Workaround“ to sort items on the Homescreen is to use „last added“ and pin the Items to the Homescreen!

In my example I do the following to pin my TV-Shows in my Custom Order to the Homescreen:

1.) I open my mp4 Files with Subler and add a metadata-Line and remove it. Then I save the File.

This I now do with all my Shows I like to pin to the Homescreen, but in reverse Order!

2.) Now I go to Library > TV-Shows > „Last added“ and pin this to the Homescreen :wink::+1:

Sounds rather harsh.

Just so I’m clear, to break alphabetical sorting, and get a folder that begins with the word “Latest” to sort before a folder that begins “Aardvark” … you rename the folder " Latest" … with a leading space?
Or “[ ][ ]Latest” if you need to go a little further?

...... lol! Even this forum is deleting extraneous spaces between my words! Which goes to show, when databases are involved, using leading or repeating non-visible characters is more likely than not to have undesired outcomes. haha.

And that use to work, but now Infuse is no longer respecting your leading space characters?

Have you tried using an underscore? “_Latest TV”
Or maybe a dash? “- Latest TV”

Well, yes … but my point was, if you are only browsing your files through the files interface, you are missing out on half the app. Have you ever used the library? Or any of the buttons that show up on the home screen other than the favorites with the orange stars? You can let the app filter your collection content automatically, and do all sorts of helpful things.

Seems to work as expected for me here. This is with ‘Sort By’ set to ‘Title’.

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Sitting here on my PC wishing you made Infuse for Windows… :sob:

O M G !!! Firstly I’m NOT using folder view.
Secondly if I wanted my infuse to look like Plex …… I’d just use Plex loool
I’ll send you all some pictures over the weekend when I get back to uk and then you will all realise - including James :joy:
At the moment I’m not sure if it’s the 35def temp that’s making me feel sick - or just Infuse :wink:

Btw - James - alphabet sort does work except now I can’t see any of my latest movies in front :frowning: before - it treated folder babes diff - so set to Kate’s works on movies but Folder Names under TV were alpha

Maybe this will help then? Fix coming in 7.4.1.

Hi James - I dont know if you have now figured out the issue - Hopefully this will help. So the historic use of Infuse for me has been to make it as EASY for everyone in the Family to use. The usage has always been as follows: set to Sort Order - RELEASE DATE. This showed ALL MOVIES with the latest releases first and with TV - it showed ALL the Master Folders in Alphabet sort but it showed all the season numbers in release date order and … if I wanted any particular folder to appear first I could pu a space or even 2 or 3 spaces to force the folder up more - so far so good…
Now with the current 7.4 TV sorting is messed up completely - so for EG looking at the Sci-Fi list and the 2 “Cursed” pics you can see what is happening … The system now puts (in my case) 6 folders first in Alpha order - these 6 are the only ones that have the words under “1 season” or “2 seasons” etc … THEN it stops doing that - comes to the my “FORCED” folder NEW TV SERIES … and then puts the rest of the Sc-Fi folder in order - but NONE of the rest of them have the numver of seasons shown.

This is CLEARLY wrong … and ive tried to analyse why and the only thing I can think of is that your 7.4 is getting confused what TV episodes contain a date in them “cursed.2021.S01E02” etc - or the Folder contains a date number - it makes no sense at all. ALSO - prior to this - Release date sorting with seasons showed them going from RIGHT to LEFT - NOW - they are shown as LEFT to RIGHT. It seems to be treating TV Seasons episodes as Movies ???
Of course I could do it like you suggested now with a ridiculously LONG list of ALL of my Folder titles down the left hand side of the screen but that is completely UNUSABLE for anyone … with MY way of doing things even my 2 year old Grandson can navigate from the Main Screen to Little People and find Peppe Pig or Hey Duggee easily ! As I have have said previously if I wanted Infuse to look like a Plex Screen I’d just use Plex - Infuse WAS and always has been FAR MORE user Friendly for anyone with a massive library like I (and many others have).
Here are some more Pics for you to see how easy my screens are - or at least were :frowning: