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Sorry, my English is not good.

I have put two folders into Infuse from my NAS.

  1. movies
  2. movies_adult

I used Infuse 5 pro on Apple TV 4 in living room. Sometimes, I watched the movies or Cartoon with my wife and my little girl.

I need to remove(hidden) the folder movies_adult to avoid my little girl watching adult content (recent insert, watch).

Is it possible that gives a password to control the folder movies_adult content?

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Joined just to +1 this. It’s the one thing I had in Plex that I would find it hard to live without. Even differing configs across devices might kinda solve it for me. But I’d rather have a ways to require some kind of auth/PIN for a set of content.

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Have you looked in settings under "Parental Controls?

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I’m going to give this a shot. Different than how Plex does it but this is probably fine; I’d like to stop relying on the server component. InFuse is so fast I’m hooked.

Pin-code protect specific folder(s)

I moved your post to a currently running thread requesting this feature.

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This is possible in the current version.

  1. Enable Parental Controls in Infuse > Settings
  2. Long-press on a folder (or favorite) and select the ‘Enable Passcode Lock’ option
  3. A passcode will now be required to enter the locked folder

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