Folder order

I have an issue about the order Infuse list my movies, if I have a folder of a movie collection (Back to the Future for example), isn’t indexed by the metadata (obviously because no data exist on collections in, is always listed first - before all other movies - and not in alfabetical order with the rest. Is there any solution for this?

I too am wondering if there is a way to avoid all of the sub folders being placed before any individual video files? It seems pretty inconvenient, unless you are placing every single movie into a sub folder. I personally like to have all of my movies in one big “Movies” folder, but I lik to use sub folders for a film trilogy/saga/etc., or for any movies that have extra features/content.

I am enjoying the ease of setting up Infuse Pro on the new tvOS, but my main issue is the lack of the Playlists feature, like in Infuse 2 (for Apple TV 2nd gen)? Having playlists would really save users hours of organizing files, especially if they all of the sudden decided there was a better method of organizing content. Also, since the Playlists are native to the app, they would not affect the local files on the NAS. Every family member could use playlists on their device to organize the videos how ever they like, or not at all. Each user could still upload artwork for their playlists using a url link to download each file directly to their Apple TV / device.

Is this feature currently being developed or is there no plan to add this?


For me it’s the same as gusarate.
I have a big folder with all my movies and in this folder, folders for collections. It will be cool if we can configure a view in alphabetical order despite if it’s a file or a directory. :-/

One option is to also register the required information TMDB and replenish itself :slight_smile:

James answered this question in another thread recently. It’s something they are working on and hoping to implement in the 4.2 update.

If you can’t wait, just place the movie files in their own separate folder. Tedious, I know, but it solves the issue.