Folder not showing poster

First of all - HELLO.

I’m currently using infuse5 PRO (installed like 3seconds ago) and used inFuse 4 PRO before that.

My Question is : I have folders with old movies in them like Lionking.avi etc etc that are divided up in 2 files AND no matter what I do,
the folder won’t display the correct poster (See attachment). It doesn’t matter if I choose local Meta data or the one provided online.
I tried “folder.png or .jpg” → Don’t work at all.

So do anyone have a solution to this?

What type of device are you streaming from? Are you using UPnP or DLNA by chance? Unfortunately manual artwork work be available with either of these options.

I use SMB from my Macbook to an ATV4.

Same problem , only with movies in folders . no problem with TV or files in Root of a share .

Same here. Everything in a folder only shows the folder.