Folder (non-library) use of Infuse is buggy

It seems to me that the folder - not the library - use of Infuse - which I use, has become a bit buggier over time.

I have an issue with the tvOS screensaver sometimes kicking in during playback. I have an issue where sometimes videos continue to play in the background (the audio is still playing), when I exit a video by pressing the menu-button on the remote. I have an issue with the alphabetical order of my TV shows - which are all over the place - even though the shows are all getting metadata correctly from thetvdb. I will gladly document these bugs if needed.

Anyway, I know the Library function gets most of the love, but I for one like to have a more simple approach to playing my videos - and I’m confident others feel the same way - so maybe the ‘folder use’ could get a bit of Infuse love again :slight_smile:

One note with regard to to sorting, currently folders will be listed before files or seasons. This is something we’ll be adjusting in an upcoming version based on feedback we’ve received from a number of users.

Playback is handled in the same way whether you’re browsing via folder or Library, so we’d like to look into what’s going on here. Please drop us a report the next time it happens. Troubleshooting and Getting Support – Firecore