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Is there a way to allow me to navigate my folder structure to find videos rather than having Infuse just list all of the video files? I spent a lot of time organizing the videos into a logical structure, may of which have the same or similar names. Just dumping all of them into a list makes locating the one I want near impossible.

Currently Infuse will display folders which contain a single item (or single series/season) as a playable item instead of a folder.

An option to disable this feature may be available in the future, and you can follow this thread for updates.

Will this change, if implemented, also include the Apple TV version?

Also, this is slightly different than the issue I’m talking about. On the Apple TV app the folder is never displayed, no matter how many items it contains. I have to make it a “Favorite” to see the folder at all.


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If you’re browsing through the Library (blue, pink, green icons) you will never see folders.

Browsing directly via one of the orange star icons would display folders.

I don’t know what you mean by blue, pink, green, etc. When I go into Library this is what I see:


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The blue (Movies) pink (TV Shows) and green (Other) icons are shortcuts to the Library. They are added by default, but looks like they might have been hidden on your device.

If you want to re-add these, you can long-press on any categories in the Library and select ‘Add to Favorites’.

With what you have there, the orange Library icon will not show folders, but the orange star icons will.

For example if your file structure is like this:

–Folder 1
–Folder 2

You can create an SBM share pointed to your computer. Then make Movies a favorite. I take it a step further and put a jpg file in each folder called folder.jpg I edit each of them an add text for the name of the folder contents. When the Movies favorite is clicked on, the folders show.

Actually, that works find for me, thanks. I never noticed since the folders I added to the home screen were all bottom-level folders. I tried adding a mid-level folder and all of those below it show.


So I read that seemingly Infuse doesn’t support folders, but here’s what I am finding.

This is Infuse on my desktop looking at my Home Videos folder (which has an internal folder structure)

which would make me think that Infuse can indeed support the folder structure created in Plex.

However, when I open Infuse on my iPhone this it what I see

So if the Macos desktop application can show the folder structure why does the ios app refuse. I’m thinking that this must be the connection to the Apple tv issue too. Sorry if this has been covered before.

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