Folder Name TV Show - Plex TV Agent naming


I have started to update my folder naming convention to follow the plex recommendation and use as format : {Series TitleYear} {tvdb-{TvdbId}}. However, using this convention, the match seems to no more work as all shows with this Show folder are not updated with the expected poster and metadata.

I’m comparing performance between plex server & google drive connector

Is there any plan to support this format or do i have to rollback to {Series Title}?


In the upcoming 7.1 release Infuse will start using TMDb instead of TheTVDB for TV show metadata, so it’s unlikely Infuse will support TheTVDB IDs in file/folder names moving forward.

However, utilizing the year for fetching has been added in 7.1, so sticking with {Series TitleYear} alone should work just fine once 7.1 is released. I believe this would give you pretty accurate results in both Infuse and Plex.

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Great. I have access to the beta but can see only 7.0.10 branch in testflight. How can i test the 7.1 release ?

There is a separate opt in for 7.1 in the beta thread.

Mapping seems not to work. Other folder with just the name have correct picture. Inside a folder, serie can be detected and metadata downloaded.

Do these appear correctly if you browse through the Library?

Content in library is ok but i used sometimes, the folder view to browse gdrive directory with a limit of api.

Is there any plan to have full poster in folder view or shoud i rollback to just the name to get back show already « analyzed » vs others?

The content of this release is very welcome. I am very excited and can’t wait for the release.

I remove the “additional plex info” for 2 Broke Girls to test and the poster is displayed immediately. With the tmdb/tvdb id in folder name, infuse can match the show by displaying metadata, season poster … but leave the show poster without picture as a missing match.

No issue using the library view.

If you’re browsing via folder view, there is limited support for displaying artwork on related folders.

If this is something you plan to do, I would recommend organizing things into folders by series and season.


2 Broke Girls/Season 1/episode files

Doing this should allow Infuse to automatically add artwork for the series and season items.