Folder name not recognised by metadata

Hello, I’ve tried for days to rename a folder in many, many ways to get it recognised for the metadata but I haven’t found a solution.

Please look at the screenshots of how it must be named and how Infuse see it.

I think because Infuse see a ? at the end instead of period it’s not recognised.
Do you have any suggestion ?
I’ve tried so many names like:
Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
Marvels Agents of SHIELD
Marvels Agents of S H I E L D

and the same combinations with « Marvel’s » and without « Marvels »

Thank you



Here is the folder name that is working without a hitch for me

Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

Here is how the file names are that seem to make it all work.


It seems that the period after the D in shield throws things off.

If you go here where it discusses allowable names for files and folders you’ll see where you can’t have a folder with a period as the last character in the name.

Thank you for your answer.
I don’t have any problem with the filenames, only the folder name.
I don’t understand why it works for you without the . at the end, if I remove it I still don’t have any metadata.

One thing to check is to make sure there aren’t any invisible characters in the folder name. Best way to check this is to delete the entire name and retype it. I found a few cases of where when I copied and pasted a folder name an invisible control character was copied to the name and screwed things up.

How are your files named? Sometimes the littlest difference will break the metadata fetch.

One last thing, are you episodes grouped into season folders named Season 01, Season 02, etc.?

Thank for this suggestion. I tried to delete and rename it but still the same.
Yes there is the Seasons folder inside.
I only get two series without metadata, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and The Martian Chronicles.
All the other are fine.

Could you provide an example of how your files are named?


I just created a dummy file using your file name and the folder I gave above and it loaded the metadata perfectly.

What happens when you long press on one of the episodes in Infuse and do the edit metadata?

it says: No result for this file :frowning:

Are you by chance using a DLNA UPnP connected share?

My files are stored on an external drive formatted in exFat, connected to my Mac and shared with SMB.

That is baffling. I used copy and paste to dupe your file name and it worked flawlessly.

One more thought, on the seasons folder what do you get when you long press on those?

I can switch between local or online metadata.
Whatever I choose I get the same result, nothing :frowning:

Well, I’m at a total loss. I’ll keep churning on it but hopefully someone who knows things better than I will come along and figure it out.

Ok I found the solution, I long pressed on the file name of the S01E01 (where I got no result) and then I spell the name with Siri.
Then Agents of Shield appears on the bottom list and I could select it.
Now the metadata is show correctly.
Thank you VERY MUCH for you help :slight_smile:

Now that’s bizarre!

But I’m not going to question magic.

Glad you got that figured out. :wink:

The most magic is that Siri understood “Agents of Shield” with my french accent :smiley: