Folder name and weird behavior?

Hey there!


First of all, fantastic work with ATV Flash Black, it's like christmas all over again if i turn my apple tv on^^


But i noticed a few strange things when accessing my mac through the media player.

For example, the tv show Nip/Tuck - that's the correct name of the show, but when viewed by the Media Player the name of the show changes to "Tuck" and i can't spot my files.


Of course, if i rename it to "Nip Tuck" everything excepts the Metadata works perfectly. Is there a simple trick to enjoy the series and the metadata, or did i just stumble onto something interesting?


Thanks in advance!

Media player uses thetvdb to scrape the tv show metadata and names. the ‘/’ character isn’t really recognized, and on thetvdb the correct naming convention for nip tuck is ‘Nip Tuck’.

Rename your folder/files to this and it’l work fine. :slight_smile:

Was just curious, cause on the cover and also on Imdb it’s called Nip/tuck, but sure it makes sense when TVDB refers it as “Nip Tuck”.


But although it’s the correct folder name, the metadata won’t load - and that’s a fact for many series in my collection. For example Plex synchronizes with TVDB too, but finds everything. Why is that so?


Course, the Media Player is far more smooth and elegant, but on the metadata part there are downsides.


Thanks again!

Nip/Tuck actually doesn’t work. No metadata loading.

Tried renaming the files to Nip.Tuck.S01E01.avi, to Nip Tuck.S01E01.avi and to Nip_Tuck.S01E01.avi

None of them works. Any suggestion?


I tried everything based on the recommendations from KB ( but nothing help me to solve the problem. I think something is wrong with request to, so that the information can not be loaded from thetvdb.

Does anyone had the same experience with the metadata from thetvdb? And maybe anyone know the solution for solving the problem? :wink: