Folder Metadata Issue

Hi. I’ve been experiencing this issue recently with two shows in particular:

  1. Dynasty (2017)
  2. Stumptown

I get blank folders being displayed on the main Recently Added top row for these shows only.

Going into the folders shows everything correctly, but the image art on the upper right side is missing, even though I have folder.jpg files in each folder.

Sometimes the orange watched progress icon is missing on the top right corner of their container folders, but when I go into the folder, I can see that some of the episodes are still unwatched.

I’m currently using the most recent beta on all my AppleTVs.

Are you using the Infuse’s metadata fetching, or your own metadata?

Folder artwork generally won’t be used for TV shows, and Infuse will use season/series artwork or fan art depending on where you are browsing.

Yes I’m using the Infuse Metadata fetching. I’ll post a screenshot of what I’m seeing when I get in.

So there is no poster art being displayed in both folders or in the Recently Added. And additionally for Stumptown, the absence of an indicator on the folder makes it look like all the episodes inside have been watched, when that really isn’t the case.