Folder.jpg still not shown after update 6.4.3

Each TV series folders contains a ‘folder.jpg’ image file but tiles still not diplay images.

What type of device are you streaming from? Are you using UPnP or DLNA by chance?

Can you provide a bit more info about how you have these folders organized?

Hi James,
NAS Western Digital MyCloud EX4
DLNA Twonky 7.2.9-6
Apple TV 4
Infuse 6.4.3 Pro

Folders organization :

  • Videos
    • Films
      folder.jpg (simple artwork)
      film 1
  • Series
    folder.jpg (simple artwork)
    - Serie 1
    folder.jpg (serie poster)
    episode 1

    - Serie 2
    folder.jpg (serie poster)
    episode 1

Let me know if you have all details

Unfortunately folder artwork won’t be available when using DLNA, as DLNA devices limit the type of files made available to apps like Infuse.

You can verify the files Infuse has access to by browsing your DLNA server via the Settings > Shares > Share Name > Add Favorite menu. This will allow you to see all the files Infuse has access to, even if they are unsupported files like .pdf, .doc, .mp3, etc…

If you are able to connect via SMB, NFS, FTP, SFTP, or WebDAV you should be able to utilize these images for folders.

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