Folder images

my question is this....

All my movies on my hard drive is in seperate folders and all the folders contain the poster images (folder.jpg)

in xbmc i can see all my movies in library mode and dont have to go one by one into the folders to see which movies i have and to see the image of the movie but in atv flash i need to go in each folder to see the info and the poster of the movie. 

Is there any way to see my movies all at once like in library mode like xbmc ? 

Other than that the program is awesome...



and while we are on the subject: some movie info and fan art would also be nice.


Is this already possible in the new version, and if it is, can anyone explain how?


When I put folder.jpg into my TV Show folders (series title logo and season poster) they show up instead of the folder. Not sure when they added this features, but I’m pretty sure it’s been around a while.

The issue here is that for some reason aTV cannot display images greater than a 1000px, which is quite annoying as I had to replace all my high res folder.jpg with lower res ones.  Can we get aTV to support higher image size, e.g. 1000x1500px should do it or higher.



+1 for folder fetching


i use a synology with my iTunes library stored as a share, so all movies are separate folders as well. It would be awesome to see a folder fetching function in atv black.