Folder Image

Like Plex does, even Infuse display folders with an anonymous image.
it would be nice if Infuse would use a random image from any media inside the folder.

do you think that it will be possible in the future?


Have you seen this support doc Metadata 101 – Firecore ?

There are sections for adding artwork to folders and favorites.

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Yes, but I was asking about a random selection of any internal image (without the need to add other files, since they are already downloaded and cached).

As example:
I have a filmography folder. Inside I have grouped films in subfolders.

Alien (with all the alien saga)
Star Wars (…)
Lord of the rings (…)

now, since Infuse already cache images for any films, I 'm asking if is it possible that the Alien folder get a random image from any internal file (the best would be rotating images between all the files).

Right now, I (and we) should manually create a new image… it would be a lot of work, for just duplicating images.

I understand what you’re asking but have you looked at how the Library displays movie collections? It does pull artwork for each collection and displays it’s when browsing collections.

If that’s not of interest, you may want to place your suggestion in the Suggestions forum so others could add to it.