Folder image for a whole TV Show won't load


I have an issue for one show on Infuse 3 iPhone. I have the full Xfiles series, every season and episodes are perfectly showned with picture, metadata etc… but the folder containing all the season folder won’t download a picture.

Is there a way to correct that ? All my show are showing the right way except this one. I tried every name for the folder.

Thanks for the help

I have the same problem! It works fine for every other show, but not X-files.

There is an issue with X-Files (and a few other series that contain a - in the title).

For now, if you rename these to XFiles (without the dash) Infuse should show the correct artwork and the correct title.

Nope, see screenshot.

Also, I don’t get any images for the top half, where the Infuse logo is. That works for my movies, but not for my tv shows.

I’m having an issue with all series. There is never an image at the series level but the season level works fine. All files are uploaded to the iPad over ftp. I have the following structure…

Season 1

Season 2

This should be resolved in the upcoming 5.5 update which includes an all-new Library option. This will provide cover art at all levels, without having to name or organize your videos in a specific way.

5.5 is currently on track for a mid-July release. Stay tuned. :wink:

Great news - thanks James