folder icons and metadata

I have a lot of files that have convoluted names. The actual movie title is in the directory. Is there a way to have the software use the directory name in case the content is not identified automatically using the file name?

Also, when there are folders with a single movie or a TV show under them, currently the icon is just a generic folder icon. Shouldn’t it be the folder icon but with the image of the movie or show inside, to show what’s inside?

Infuse will always look at the filename for matching. Can you provide an example filename you are having trouble with?

Also, Infuse should be flattening single-video folders so they appear as playable items, but this will not happen if other supported files (or folders are inside).

So, technically these are obfuscated files (usually a hash number like A1234CDEF999). The actual name is the directory name under the root share folder.

So I would have a \SHARE\MOVIE-NAME\A1234CDEF999\something\A1234CDEF999.mkv (for example).

These are autogenerated files that are downloaded based on a rule system. The second thing is that the directory might have more files there, such as “sample” files, JPG cover pages, NFO files and SVF files (to verify the file’s integrity)…