Folder Empty

My portable HD failed over the weekend, and i had to format it. It was formatted into NTFS, not sure what it was before. I loaded it up with media to watch. and now when i view it on my Apple TV 4k, all the folders say empty. Not files appear. What’s going on? I have Infuse Pro sub.

What do you have the hard drive plugged in to?

Did you remove the old share from Infuse, delete metadata, and then set up a new share to the new hard drive?

Which protocol option did you connect to the new drive with?

Are the hard drive folders accessible to file sharing (so that Infuse has read access to them)?

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My laptop. yes. Upnp/dlna. yes. I got it to work the other day. But today it’s doing it again.

Describe what you meant by your hard drive “failed”. If you hard drive literally is failing — and they all do, eventually … the portable ones being the most susceptible — any Infuse issues may ultimately be traced back to that.

Have you tried starting over with a new hard drive?

It somehow got corrupted. I formatted it and’s running fine. It’s been running fine since i got the files to populate a few days back. Now it won’t load the folders connected within the drive that are connected to the my video folder on my laptop. I can get all the files to load within the all folder, but i can’t get the individual folders to show up. It gets a connection error while loading.

Have you tried sharing the relevant folders from the hard drive using NFS or SMB?

What are the power-management settings on the hard drive and laptop?

Might the connection issues be occurring because either your laptop or attached hard disc powered down or otherwise went offline?

They’re always both powered on. I tried SMB but i don’t know what username and password it needs.