Folder Disappears!

All of my movies, TV series and Anime are on a NAS.

Yesterday I created a folder under the Category “Animes”. I named it “Ragnarok” and put an image of the anime named “folder” so as to display a thumbnail under Infuse.

I checked to make sue the folder was visible, and it was. I then added 2 mkv files using the naming conventions compatible with Infuse. ex. S01E01.mkv S01E02.mkv

After adding the video files, the folder disappears! if I delete the mkv files, the folder is once again visible.

I’ve tried renaming them, going to the Library menu and scanning for changes, rebooting the iPad and the Apple TV since both devices have Infuse installed, yet nothing seems to work.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Infuse will automatically flatten a single season so you don’t have to drill down when there’s no other seasons.

You may want to try creating Season 01 and Season 02 folders inside the series folder. Then it should keep your folders even if the Season 02 is empty I think.

Hello NC_Bullseye

I agree, however many Japanese animes are not recognized by Infuse and so it doesn’t do that with all of them. This particular anime just came out.

Nevertheless… Just in case, I also named each episode as 01.mkv, 02.mkv… Since there are no other seasons at this time.

I’ve done that with many of my other anime folders. I need to, since I have nearly 300 titles.
I’ve never had this issue.

In the past, whenever something odd happened, it was due to user error on my part. Namely not knowing the naming convention or adding a space (by mistake) after the name.

That said, I came here and learned the proper way to name files and or folders. Since then haven’t had any problems.

This issue is something completely different.


Did you try creating an empty Season 02 Folder along with the Season 01 Folder that you had put your season 1 episodes in?

That worked!

I wonder why I had to create a “Season 01” folder?
35% of the animes I own are only 1 season. Therefore I just create a folder, named it accordingly and put all of the episodes inside. Only if the Anime has more than 1 season, is when I create Season folders.
Odd that Infuse had a prob this time around.???

Thanks for your help.

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