Folder Cover Art

Hi All,

Is there a way to display cover art for specific season.

example: Gotham/Season 01

I would like to have cover art when folder “Season 01” is highlighted.


Custom cover are for seasons is not currently available, but it is something we’re looking into for a future update.


Looking for some clarification: Metadata 101 – Firecore Support states that “Folder artwork can be set by adding a folder.png or folder.jpg file to any folder”, but the above post says that it is not available for seasons. I tried adding a folder.jpg to a season folder, but it does not show up. I’m assuming this is still not available in version 5?

Correct. TV series/seasons are handled a bit differently since Infuse does a lot of smart grouping, and adding support for custom artwork in these cases is still something we’re hoping to look into for a future update.