Folder Change Question

I am using WD MyCloud drives to store my files. Right now I am using the static IP address and folder share name to add them to the InFuse app. Some of the metadata had to be manually changed due to some bad file naming. If I were to change the share name and re-add the folder to InFuse, would the metadata need to be redone also or would it see that it is the same file name and keep the metadata in tact? Thanks.

You can change the share name without affecting anything in Infuse, however if you remove and re-add the share you would need to redo your any corrections.

So when I add the share in InFuse I browse to the SMB share and add it to favorites. If I change the name of the share on the NAS Drive from say “VideoLibrary” to “VideoLibrary1”, how do I change that within InFuse without having to remove and re-add?

Sorry, by share name I was referring to the name used to identify it in Infuse (can be viewed through Infuse’s share settings menu).

If you need to change the share address or a folder name, then Infuse would treat any files contained within as new files.

Thanks… unrelated question, but since you appear to know what you’re talking about…

I have multiple TV series each in its own folder, all with more than one file and each one has all the seasons in a single folder. Some of the folders appear as folders and others do not so that the shows listed are not in order. I’ve never been able to figure out the reason for this or how to fix it.

Infuse supports a few options for manually organizing series/seasons (details here Metadata 101 – Firecore) but honestly your best option will be to use the Library, as this will ensure everything is organized with full artwork at each level.

Thanks. I do use the Library at times, but I separate TV shows into current vs. older and use folders to do it. The naming convention mentioned in the article is what I follow. I seem get inconsistent results for the folders though. In the active shows if there is more than one season in a folder it shows the folder and groups them at the top of the list. If a show folder has only one season it groups those together at the bottom and displays the cover right there. In the retired shows folder this is not the case as shows with multiple seasons in a single folder and using the right naming convention show up differently. I am attaching screen images to illustrate.