Folder bug ???

A network folder that contains only one movie does not get shown
as folder but rather as the movie file itself. But not on the same place
where he folder alphabetically is supposed to be but rather after all the
folders at the end of the listing…

iPhone4, iOS7, MacMini with shared network drive

Feature or bug???

This is a feature.

By design, Infuse will recognize folders with a single movie inside as a playable item and arrange it with other similar videos.

The normal ordering in Infuse looks like this (unless sort by date is enabled)

  1. Folders
  2. Movies
  3. TV shows
  4. Other videos

Thx. for posting!

What if the movie is split into 2 files. Like cd1and cd2. Is there a way to have it displayed correctly, meaning along with other playable files ?

I have all my movies in folders with a “folder.jpg” inside. Some folders have only one movie file while other folders have the movie split up in two files. It doesn’t matter if i sort by name or by date, the folders with two movie files always shows first ( in name or date order) and then the single file folders ( in name or date order). Is this a bug or is there a fix for this?

It is a ‘feature’ :slight_smile:

A directory which only holds a single movie is handled as if the movie file was in the parent directory, thus saving you having to enter the directory to play it.

A directory which holds more than just a single movie is just handled as a directory.

A directory listing shows sub-directories followed by movie files .

Due to interaction of these 2 features results in the effect you are seeing.

OK thanks for the reply. I found a “workaround” for this. In each folder where I have a single movie file i just create an empty .txt file. I then rename it to “rubbish” or something of your own choice. I also change the file ending to the same as the moviefile (mp4, mkv, avi etc).
Then I end up with an empty file called rubbish.mkv.
Now when I start Infuse it is treated as a folder and shows at the top if i select show by date.
A little bit tediously but it works.

Okay, I saw the same behavior on my Infuse, and I thought of a bug.

I understand the feature, but in my case it’s a little bit annoying because I have folders, who sometime contain only one file, which are 1/ informative on the content and 2/ used for triage.
By example I can have “Videos > Shorts > Studio-Who-Released-Only-One-Short-So-Far > my_short.mkv”. In this case “my_short.mkv” is shown in “Shorts” directory, mixed with a bunch of other stuff. And I lost the “Studio-Who-Released-Only-One-Short-So-Far” info / triage.

Would be great to be able to disable this feature, no ? :s