Folder browsing?

Hi :slight_smile:

I am used to using Shield and Kodi, but today bought ATV 4k and Infuse Pro. I added my Movies and my TV series folders from my Synology using SMB. To my horror when browsing movies it has added stuff from the TV folder wich is recognized wrongfully as movies and it is a mess. My TV folder contains a lot of stuff and I do not want it indexed or anything. I simply want to browse the folder and se all folders and filenames like i do in Kodi. Is this simple feature not possible?

So what I need is:

  1. Movie folder scanned so I can browse movies using poster/covers art.

  2. TV folder should not be scanned because Infuse does not correctly recognize much of the content and unrecognized content cannot even be found.

I hope this is possible so I dont have to stick witch Kodi. :slight_smile:

Thank you.

You can set it up so that both your movies and TV shows are browseable, but only the movies folder is added into the Infuse Library.
Go into Settings->Library and make sure that only the movies folder has been included. un-tick the TV shows. This setup works great if you have a clean folder and others you are still sorting through.

OMG it was my bad. I just had to select the right TV folder icon in the main interface. :slight_smile:

One thing that is annyoing though is that I cannot have list view in TV browsing and cover art view in movies. :slight_smile:

I agree. I mentioned this once or twice before.

Up-vote for more traction. Doesn’t seem like many people agree though.

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