Folder browsing - subfolder disappears

I finally found why a certain subfolder would not be visible when browsing folders in Infuse. It was because the subfolder had one video named *-sample.mkv, e.g. anyname-sample.mkv. By removing the “-sample” part of the video the subfolder becomes visible.

\smbserver\topfolder\ (unchecked in Settings to not be in Library)
Under topfolder I have:


So when browsing this share in Infuse, the folder1 is shown with no sub1 subfolder, but with some of the sub1 content listed as belonging to folder1. Renaming video1-sample.mkv to video1.mkv makes the sub1 subfolder correctly appear. (I also mark the folder1 to “Use local metadata” to avoid some browsing weirdness since Infuse otherwise looks up items on-the-fly in the TMDB database).

I have a feeling that Infuse treats videos with “-sample” in the name in a special way, but could not find info in the Firecore Support pages. In my opinion, Infuse should not interpret video names when browsing non-library shares.

This may shed some light


Thanks Bullseye.

I understand now why this happens. I also argue it’s bad, buggy behaviour for Infuse.

  • This policy is for indexing into the Infuse library. But I browse non-library folders and want to see all content.

  • Infuse doesn’t just hide the subfolder, but shows a random subset of the subfolder in the parent folder.

  • I also looked at the same folders through a Plex Library share of type “Other Videos”. “Other Videos” is Plex’s way to not index the share nor add it to the Plex Library. Plex Server (with Plex client) did not hide the subfolder – neither should Infuse.