Folder based organization/playback - Questions



first of all - Great work with 1.3 version! Thanks a lot.


I have a few questions. Few of my movies are divided to two video files (like Zombieland.cd1.avi, Zombieland.cd2.avi…). If a folder contains just one video file, the “Folder based organization/playback” works great. However, when the folder contain more than one video file (cd1, cd2) it doesn’t work. I wouldn’t mind this, however, is there some possibility to sort all the folders and “files” together? The same way as Mac does it? Not folders first and “files” next?

Or is there some possibility that aTV Flash would  somehow connect the cd1 and cd2 to one, probably playlist, and sort it the same way as other movies?


Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


FYI, James posted this in the Blog comments:

"Only single file movies are supported for now.

This will be improved in a future version.


Fair enough.


And is there some way how to sort the folder and files alphabetically instead of folders first and than files?

Folders are mixed in with files when using list view, but currently grid view will list folders (or what it thinks folders are) first, then files below.

A workaround for now would be to place each movie file into its own folder, then each would be recognized as an individual movie in Media Player.

Great, thanks for the idea. I have about 10 movies which contain two video files so I can use the workaround you’ve suggested. Thanks a lot :slight_smile: