Folder Based (BDMV) UHD Movies no playback option anymore

Hello Firecore Team,

i am using infuse for a few years now, thx for the app. Its really great.
For a few months now I keep running into the problem that my UHD Movies which are located on a Synology 918+ NAS with NFS Shares are very problematic.

The files / folder structures are normal and playback fine on vcl on my Win10 based PC.
The Stream-Folder in die BDMV Folder holds (sometimes several hundred) m2ts Files, with one of the files being the movie (i guess) with filesizes ranging from 45GB up to 98 GB.

Infuse on my apple tv 4K shows the Movie artwork / everything looks fine, but instead of giving me the option to play the movie only get the processing symbol. I mean this circle-ish thing which shows up a while a folder structure is still being processed. I never get a “play” or “mark as watched” or “edit” menu entry. if i switch to the bluray folder structure of the same movie it allways works instantly and playback is possible the second the movie gets available on my NAS.

Is this an error on my part? is there a setting I can change to make these UHD files work? its not every UHD file so far but I keep running into them more often.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


Solution was to create .mkvs which was super fast using makemkv. I did that for all problematic movies and the problem is solved.

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