Folder Artwork and sorting not happing automatically

Hello all.

I have linked Infuse to my Synology NAS vis SMB and created a favourite folder - in this case it is called TV Shows. When I open this favourite I can see all the folders but they have no artwork, they are all just the generic grey with a folder icon in the middle. However, if I then go into one of these folders the files inside begin to be be sorted into the right seasons and the artwork created. When I then move back out to the favourite folder level all of the other folders still have the generic grey icon except for the one that I have just been in.

The only way to get all the files to generate their images and get sorted is by going into them all individually. As I have well over 100 folders I don’t want to have to do this to them all.

Surely Infuse is supposed to do this all automatically as soon as the folder is associated?

Am I doing something wrong?

Your assistance please.

My folder structure is like this:

TV Shows (Folder)

24 (Folder)

Season 00 (Folder)

24 S00E03.avi
Season 5 (Folder)
24 S05E01.avi
24 S05E02.avi
24 S05E03.avi
24 S05E04.avi
24 S05E05.avi
24 S05E06.avi
etc, etc
Season 6 (Folder)
24 S06E01.avi
24 S06E02.avi
24 S06E03.avi
24 S06E04.avi
24 S06E05.avi
24 S06E06.avi
etc, etc

I found no way around manually opening every show…
It’s a horrendous task, since it should just be automated.

Thanks for the reply

At least I know I am not the only one :slight_smile:

This is my only issue with Infuse. Movies are fine, TV shows aren’t. I just dragged everything out of it’s subfolder and now have them ‘loose’ in my TV favourites folder. Works perfectly but was annoying to do.

I have similar problem. On my NAS drive, the folder art is fine, but when I drag the folders over to my UPnP-medieserver share, then the art is gone. Even when going into the folder where the artwork automatically is displayed, and back out, the artwork will not load. Any clue anyone?

External artwork is not available when steaming via UPnP or DLNA. Sorry.