Folder art rules / guidelines

Hello (again),
I’ve started organizing my media in a way that Infuse likes - however, for some TV shows it simply refuses to pull any folder icons.

Are there any rules posted somewhere on what the naming conventions should be in order to pull folder art properly? I’ve deduced that Infuse does not like having folders that it does not understand ( eg having a folder named “Extras” or “Subs” along season folders ). In another case, I’ve got the folder structure that normally works :

  • Showname
    • Season 1
      • Showname S01E01.mp4
      • Showname

In that case, the season folders get artwork and are properly organized, however the root folder does not get the show cover folder :frowning: Any tips?

Thanks in advance!

I have my media organized the same way and also have some strange behavior. Most shows seem to behave how I would expect them to. However, some do not get folder art despite seeming to have matched, and are sorted to the bottom of the list. Even stranger is that I have a collection of different TV shows all named “Season 1”.

Same here! Only 2 shows don’t show artwork on root folder. I have 2 Apple TV 4 and both have the same problem.

In addition to the above: I’ve found the guidelines for Kodi ( ex-XBMC) here :

Could we have something similar about the logic Infuse uses for episodes, and/or Movies? Ideally, Kodi formatted folders should be understood by Infuse to avoid having different schemes for different players/managers (not that I use Kodi, but still).

To that end, how should we handle multiple series in the same universe? Eg. for Star Trek I normally have:

  • Star Trek
    • Original Series
      • Season 1
      • Season 2
      • ...
    • The Next Generation
      • Season 1
      • Season 2
      • ...
    • Deep Space 9
      • Season 1
      • Season 2
      • ...
    • ...

    Same goes for others, eg Stargate ( SG-1, Atlantis, Universe ), Doctor Who ( Original, 2005 ), etc.

    Should these be separate folders ( Star Trek, Star Trek The Next Generation etc ) or can we support the above file structure to avoid clutter ?

Ive looked through tons of threads on this and there doesn’t seem to be an answer to this problem. If you have more than 1 season folder under a tv folder, the parent tv folder has no art but the child season folders do.

Really needs to be fixed asap please.

Untrue. For 99% of my series, this works flawlessly as long as :

  • The show name is identical to the one on
  • The folders under it have the exact name "Season 1", "Season 2", etc -- not "Show name - Season 1" or "Season I" or it breaks
  • The episode names contain the shown name, and the season/episode tag in S01E01 format ( bonus: S01E01E02 for double ones )

So this works:

  • The Blacklist
    • Season 1
      • The Blacklist - S01E01.mkv
      • The Blacklist - S01E02 - The title.mkv

Any of these do NOT:

  • Blacklist, The
  • Blacklist
  • Season I
  • The Blacklist - Season 1 Episode 1.mkv

And, to answer my own question:
The only way I got to get proper posters for Stargate, was to have separate folders like so:

  • Stargate SG1
  • Stargate - Atlantis
  • Stargate - Universe</li

Note: the dashes there were not optional. Unknown why. Any other combination of dashes simply did not work (eg Stargate SG-1, Stargate - SG1 etc ).

I had slight differences in file names when compared to the folder. Also a few file names had dates in.

Saw filebot recommended in another thread and that solved every single one of my issues