Focus now on aTV3 not on aTV2

I suspect now that there is a tethered jailbreak for the aTV2. the focus will switch over to the aTV3 an we may never get an untethered break for the aTV2.Does anyone who is more experienced have some insight into this matter

Wonder how big of a leap it is to go from a tethered JB to an untethered JB.  I was hoping that an untethered would have been just around the corner if they figured out how to JB it tethered.  Plus, doesn’t the ATV3 use the same IOS version?

An untethered jailbreak normally requires finding a further exploit that can be used.   Normally the tethered jailbreak had broken the security by enough so this is a bit easier but is by no means simple to find a further exploit.

Plus, doesn’t the ATV3 use the same IOS version?

This is true as far as user level program’s (such as ATV Flash) are concerned.   However it is typically not true at the level where jail breaking occurs because of hardware differences (which iOS hides from user level program’s).   For example I believe that the ATV2 jailbreaks mainly exploit a weakness in the boot ROM and that ROM will almost certainly be different on the ATV3.