Flush Local Metada

Hello Everybody,

just wanted to know if there is any way to flush the local metadata (stored on my iPhone) WITHOUT wiping the metadata stored in iCloud while linked to it?

I have a lot of TV shows which Infuse is fetching metadata for.
This metadata is stored on any device I am using Infuse on.
After finished watching a tv show, I delete them from my NAS - so that they are gone and I can save space.
But the local metadata (iPhone, iPad) remains on the device/s - at least the number next to the recycle bin won’t decrease after
updating my library.

I hope you understand what I am looking for?!


You can clear all local metadata by tapping the delete option found in Settings > General.

The upcoming v6 release will include an all-new iCloud based library, which will be much more efficient at managing metadata, local or otherwise.

Hi James,

Thank you.

Then the iCloud database will not be affected?

Is there any ETA for v6?


No, clearing metadata from your device should not affect iCloud data.

We expect to have 6.0 available in Q1 2019. Stay tuned!

Thank you.
You helped me a lot.
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