Floating-only screensaver?

After moving (successfully) to 4.4.2 with Seas0nPass (thanks!), my ATV will only do the “floating” screensaver, no matter which one is actually selected. A bit of googling and searching the site here turns up a mention or two from others who seem to be seeing the same thing, but I can’t find a fix. If there’s something you know of that can remedy this, that’d be awesome.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Updating to aTV Flash (black) 1.0 or later will correct this issue.

To clarify, as far as I’m aware I’m not running aTV Flash at all; I merely used the Seas0nPass app to jailbreak the ATV. Are you saying I’m running a pre-1.0 aTV Flash as a result, and that to fix the screensaver issue I need to purchase the $30 1.0 version?

If you’re not running aTV Flash (black) you can install the screen saver fix manually via SSH or through nitoTV.

Or install aTV Flash (black) and it will do this for you automatically.

I can definitely handle doing an SSH fix — are you able to point me to where I might find this?

NitoTV can be installed using:

apt-get update

apt-get install com.nito.nitotv

Thanks — I’m aware of Nito, but I’m not sure how it’s going to fix the screensaver glitch?

Once nitoTV has been installed, the screen saver fix will be one of the available items in the nitoTV --> Install Software menu.

Ahhhh, okay, I gotcha. Sorry for the confusion; I appreciate the help!

Yes the SSHack works after installing via NitoTV and using the “killall AppleTV” command.

Is it possible to do an apt-get install com.nito.sshack then killall AppleTV?   Will that do the trick without installing nito?